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I haven't been crushed by a stack of totes

really, I swear I haven't.

My internet access is still sporadic, as will my posting for a while yet. Thems the breaks. Sorry... The good news is that I'm all moved in except for my bookcases, I love the 6 minute walk from my door to my desk, and I love being so close to everything. Not so much with the love for my downstairs neighbor's really loud TV, really loud phone conversations, and really loud walking (I can't explain that one either). Honorable no-love mentions to: the really drafty bathroom window, the lack of counter space, and the trickling water pressure.

Otherwise, the place is roomy and swell, and I am rather pleased.

In other news: there really is no other news. I sleep, eat, go to work, and repeat. We have a new secretary in the office, and she's a lot whiftier than she interviewed, so that's a challenge. P's sick, and my brother is officially way late for his birthday dinner and he needs to get here. Now. Before I say "screw his scrawny ass" tear into the manicotti already.


Well, that's pretty cool.

So, I signed the lease yesterday. Things are going much better than I had hoped.

We start with the fact that while I can't get a dish network hookup, I can just get netflix till I decide I feel like giving Comcast my hard earned money. And my first shipment of episodes of House? Ordered yesterday, will be there today. I like this. A lot. And I didn't have to give a deposit to get my power transferred over, and when I went to get the carpet cleaner, it was cheaper than I thought, and the carpets weren't as foul as I remembered them.

The apartment does get a stamp of approval from my parents (as far as I can tell) especially on a sunny afternoon. And as long as they fix the severely cracked safety window in my room, they'll remain pleased. Oh... and...

I got out of work early yesterday, my dad decided he COULD help after all last night, and managed to get every single box and tote I had packed and had in the house, over in one load. Now I Just have about 10 storage unit boxes and Bed/boxsprings*, hoosier cabinet, desk, TV stand, and Kitchen table/chairs to bring up, and we're good- for now.

The bookcases should make it, and if they do, it'll be nice. And once things are ready, I'll put up pictures. The bathroom's the only room that's totally unpacked, and I've decided it needs a shower curtain rod cover, a plastic curtain liner (my fault, I thought one was included in the design of the curtain I got.), and a picture for the big blank space behind the toilet.

And I had my first visitor- the Incomprable C (Queen of 28 Cooks) crossed the parking lot and said howdy. Yay! (A brief respite from practicing throwing rocks from her apartment at my parking space.)

*If we can get the bedsprings up, we can get the couch up- which will happen on Sunday. Dad's previous "I don't think you're gonna do it" has been replaced with "Well, it might work."


And we're back!

Well, temporarily, anyway.

I've got about 60% of my packing done (30% of the remaining 40% is books, though). Now my father expresses concerns that the couch, box springs, and hoosier cabinet will not get up the stairs. I never bothered to pay attention to the stairway layout- and he's pop quizzing me this afternoon- leading to frustration on all ends. So my living room may have my mom's amish rocker, and that's about it. Yeehah. He also informed me that he's not going to be around at all during the weekend, and will only be able to help with the other stuff on Thursday night. Luckily, Mr. And G. Monkey will help, and they have a jeep, and P said he could help during the day before work if needed too. I think I may have my mom convinced that she could help steam clean the carpet during the day Wednesday. Everything's coming to a head...

But I'm trying not to stress. I need some smaller boxes from work, and I'm not packing the books till I know if I have somewhere to put them or not. P was exceptionally sweet on Friday (he knew it was a bit of a stupid week) and un-knotted my shoulders, calmed me down, and took me out to our favorite Asian restaurant. (Crispy beef and coconut shrimp this time- neither are items I'd have chosen if the owner hadn't recommended them, and they were fabulous.) He came over today, ostensibly to help me pack, but we didn't really get any packing done (just as well, because I have one box left.) Gave me a mantra for the next two weeks "All this will be done with soon enough." :) I will be ready, come Wednesday night.

I should fill the last box and tote I've got, then I can knit a bit without feeling guilty. Packing sucks. Unpacking is actually a lot of fun.


Holy Schnikeys!

Well, I got the apartment! (Yay!)

And I'm moving in on the 15th. A little sooner than I anticipated, but I'll roll with it. I'm more than a wee bit nervous, but it will be most awesome being able to walk to work, see my friends more often, and knit/watch the simpsons till my eyes bleed/cook what I like without hearing anyone kvetch. What a truly fabulous thing.

I will have to steam clean the carpets on the 15th after work, then start moving stuff in on the 16th- I'm taking that day, and the 17th off work. Posting will likely be a bit spotty around then, because I don't know when I'm signing up for cable & internet. P's graciously letting me use his spare PC, which means I will have something to surf on. Yay. I managed to find a lot of what I needed this weekend (microwave, vacuum, pots & pans) and still need to pick up a bed frame and a couple of floor lamps. The end table/coffee table and nightstand can wait till I get another payday in.

So the next week or so will consist of me putting everything in totes again... keep ya posted as I can. I'll leave you with this, the hummus I made this evening. I would actually say it's as good as the Cilantro Jalapeno one..

Thai Style Basil Hummus

2 cans chickpeas (15 ounces each) drained
1 small container of basil (or a good handful of fresh leaves)
Juice/Zest of 3-4 limes (my limes were puny, so I juiced 4, zested 3)
toasted peanut oil (enough to thin the mix down a bit- several tablespoons, but don't go overboard)
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 healthy dose of red pepper flakes
1 healthy shot of hot sauce
Garlic, Salt, Pepper to taste

Mash up your chickpeas, add everything else but the basil, and mix well, then chiffonade your basil, and stir that in. Let it mellow for an hour, and snack to your heart's content. The only thing I didn't have that would really be great in there are some crushed up peanuts. MmmmMM!


Hokay, so...

Things come in threes, right? I've got it- just spread out...


First P. Then School. Now an apartment.


See, FTG's now ex-fiancee (which sounds better than baby daddy twice over) is a douche, and she's needing to move out. And she snagged a sweet little Giganto Mega Hospital apartment. 2 bedrooms, laid out pretty cute, under 5 bills a month, in a secure building. Good deal. She signed the lease yesterday, and we all went over to clean it, when she discovered that what she thought was just a fusty smell in the hallway, and excessive dirt on the walls was actually mold.

Mind you, the mold's ONLY in the hallway, and it's scheduled for remodeling in July, she really didn't want to bring a baby in there, and have another one breathing that stuff... so she called the rental folks today to see what they were going to be able to do. Well, what they did was refund her security and 1st month's rent, and are showing her other places. She said if it was just her- she'd stay, with an air filter (because again, the apartment's not moldy, nor is it stinking of mold.) And I think the place is sort of cute... and was going to see it if FTG didn't take it.

So I looked it over with ma today, and put my name in for it.

I hope they'll take me- though I think the lure of payroll deducted rent is strong- they're guaranteed their money, and I get it taken out over 2 checks- good deal. I have already started planning color schemes, and am looking for curtain fabric. And of course, I will be freaking out till Monday, which is when I'll find out (the rental agent is off tomorrow). So cross your fingers for me, and we'll see what happens...