Special Sauce

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Don't Dick with Diabetes

Take care of yo' kids boys and girls. I am not talkin' about your offspring, though you should take care of them too. I'm talking about your kidneys. And I'm talkin' about diabetes. Micro and macrovascular changes that happen with diabetes suck, and they're really sucky when you ignore your doctor's recommendations that you, you know... take insulin and manage your sugars and shit.

And I know, it sucks to be a badass dood, tryin' to be all manly an' shit, wielding an accucheck machine and tellin' your boyz that "shit, I can't have another 40, I gotz to keep my sugars low." But now, after one too many bouts with DKA, and generally not taking care of your ass, you're in renal failure, oh, and you're blind. Your homies LOVE visitin' you at dialysis. Just wait till they start describin' all the hot chicks for ya.


Sadder still, this dood's barely older than me. IF he would have taken care of shit in the beginning, or his parents (who miraculously are concerned NOW) would have smacked him upside the head with a glucometer when he was younger, he might not be in this mess...


Domestic Goddessdom


The end of the semester has come! Sanity once again reigns! Now that I completed my "Finish my final, now go do a ginormous stretch for the other clerk at work." I earned 5 days of uninterrupted bliss. And what did I do?

Well, before the semester officially ended, I prematurely did my "4th semester on the deans list" boogie and got myself a treat- namely a new digital camera, which I am quite pleased with. I actually cleaned the apartment some, went shopping with my ass-kicking mother (who gifted me an excellent overnighter bag, which was on mad clearance, and is pink and quilted and adorable).

While out and about I managed to get back to work on my Wedding Aeolian, which is a bit scary, because now I'm getting cold feet about THE dress, and want to see some more things (of course, if I change dresses, will the aeolian match? Will I be forced to stab myself in the eyes with my knitting needles, thus rendering any matching questions moot?)

(Imagine that for a crapload more rows... imagine ripping that out and starting over again. Been there. Done that.)

I also picked up some charm squares to make a cute 30s print tote (because there are few things in life I like more than tote bags, and one of them is 30's reproduction fabrics). (Taadaa!)

I'm also trying to decide if it's too early (and presumptive) to just buy this kit and knit it for any future children I have because it's just so fecking CUTE. (I only know one person who is "with child" and I don't know if she'd appreciate a hand-knit sweater set.) (I'd probably make the blue- hedge my bets, because if it's a girl, she can still wear an adorable blue set.)

Oh, and I also found 6 (count 'em, SIX!) Ngaio Marsh books at the used bookstore- I'm a truly happy camper. :)