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It must be a sign

Whether it's the "here's your" or "four horsemen of the apocalypse" kind, you be the judge. Two posts in the span of one week. Must be a record or something. Well, that's what you get when I need to do laundry twice in a weekend.

I'm kind of weird about the end of the year- trying to get things rounded up, cleaned up. I spent yesterday scrubbing the apartment with a fervor that hasn't been seen since I moved in (sure, I clean, but this was cleaning- complete with organizing, pitching, etc...) Made all the more amusing because P caught the GI bug from hell that's been going around the Giganto-Mega-Hospital. Lucky for me, I had it right after Thanksgiving, so was fairly safe in assuming I won't be getting it again. Poor guy was up half the night recreating the Bellagio fountains, and then spent the rest of the day on the couch as I decontaminated the bathroom, and attacked the rest of the place.

On the upside of things, my favorite pal at the local Planned Parenthood called, my hoo will not, apparently rot away over the coming year. There was concern, as my pap came back with changes that were "bigger than a breadbox, but not so bad as the black plague." They biopsied my bits, and have determined that "it'll probably go away on its own* and I'll be good to go for another year. (and a happy new year to me.)

Everything else is a waiting game. Waiting to see what school says. Waiting to see how mom does. Waiting to see what's around the corner. Waiting for a new position to open up. I think 2007's not really the year of the pig, but the year of the hourglass, slowly spinning.

At any rate- happy new year. May your hourglass spin appropriately...

*Yes, this is a legitimate medical diagnosis. No, I'm not making it up. Yes, it's OK.


Happy New... Oh Hell.

So I've been quiet lately. Sorry.
Well, really, I'm not that sorry. But it sounds good, I think.

I've been more than a bit busy, between babysitting the loonies I love and trying to study math that hasn't been important to me since Clinton was elected the first time around. So... I haven't really had time for blogging. But it has paid off.

I managed to retain enough mathematical knowledge to score in the 92nd percentile on my C-NET (not to be confused with C-Net, the computer people) exam, in the 99th on my English, and 99th percentile overall. Not too shabby for having been out of school for 11 years. With luck, those scores and the positively glowing recommendations I've received from my former and current employers should be enough to get me into nursing school.

Why nursing school, you ask? Have I not said before that I'd probably make a totally shite nurse? I'm a moron.

It finally clicked for me at the open house we went to, and talking to the people I work with- it's not all boring "take orders and look pretty" crap anymore. It's a chance to use your brain, use your skills, and to be honest- having your RN or your BSN is really just the beginning- the career options are practically limitless from there. At this point, I think my focus is going to be psychiatric nursing, simply from personal experience, and because I think that's honestly where I can do the most good- it's a perfect position to be able to care for patients, to make a difference, and to also has avenues for advocacy, and has potential for increased consumption over the coming years. (I'd rather not do Labor & Delivery or telemetry/cardiac, which is where everyone wants to be. Oncology would be another field- but it's really, REALLY fucking depressing.)(plus, after clinical, and obtaining a BSN & working a few years, I could become a clinical educator, or teach.)

Anyway. My application was completed around Mid-December, so I should know by Mid-January if I was accepted for the fall 07 or winter 08 semester. Cross your fingers, eh?

G. Monkey and my mom are doing OK, for the most part. Mom's getting her meds tweaked on the 15th, gained two pounds, lost one. Still far, far too skinny, and doesn't eat or drink enough unless you remind her, but she is going out more, so that's better. G. Monkey seems like she's alright- we co-hosted a wingding last week, and aside from the anxiety that comes with making sure everyone's having a good time, she seemed fine (which was awesome).

P is still P. We had a nice Christmas, and he likes his saxon braid, hand knitted alpaca scarf (my arch-nemesis) so I don't have to strangle him with it. I got a nifty Camelbak, so I can "carry my own damn sandwiches and water." It's made for Breasted Americans, so it's actually comfortable (will wonders never cease).

And that's pretty much all I can think of for now.

Oh. Is it wrong that I sort of pretend that the flags are at half-staff for James Brown?

Happy New Year everyone. May 2007 beat the hell out of 2006.