Special Sauce

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Just nod if you can hear me...

Ok, I fully don't expect anyone to even read this anymore. If you are, I have to wonder why... even I can't believe it's been over 3 months since it's been updated. For shame, or somesuch.

Ok. Here we go.

I got into nursing school. Sorta.

But it works to my advantage. (at least, I am telling myself this, and it works for me.) I'm in, but I'm in as a "pre-major" meaning... I get to do gen eds, and they'll re-evaluate me for the clinical program. I know I can get in to the clinical program, once they see my gen-ed scores, so I'm not sweating it, PLUS, it'll give me a chance to get all that crippity crap out of the way, so when I'm doing mostly clinical stuff (and working full time) I can focus on that as much as possible.

I got a job working in the looney bin. Sorta.

I love being a nurse's aide. But I hate working in the looney bin. But not for the reasons you'd think. The people (staff and patients) are interesting, but clinically (after learning about all the wicked cool stuff all the people on the cardiac and intensive care units are doing, in my training class, and actually getting do some of them myself...)it's nowheresville. And after being in a job where I had to do hinty bazillion things at once, sitting down and coloring a picture of a butterfly with a patient for the 12th time this week, instead of getting to do a bath, or anything more taxing than an blood sugar, and they'll have to make me a patient up there. Sooooo... they're going to talk to HR and see if I can maybe swap out, and someone from my class can rotate in. I have no doubt that one of the less clinically minded folks would LOVE it up there, so they'd fill my position, and we'd all be happier.

I'm going out to Vegas in a month-
That's pretty awesome. The inimitable Stepheeeeee (late of Indiana) is getting hitched in her ol' home town, and I'm in the wedding. I'm looking forward to a chance to party down in Sin City (or as much partying as I can do when I can't really drink alcohol, have any caffeine stronger than green tea, and really don't do well with sucralose/aspartame. Stupid-effing-headaches.) Regardless, it's going to be a trip to remember. :)

Mama-San is doing much better. So much better that she's actually working as a temp in my old job at the Giganto-Mega-Hospital, and will be there till the new girl starts in a week or so. (hee!) History repeats itself. It freaks people out when she answers the phone, as we sound very much alike.

And that's pretty much all the news that isn't, at this time. Whee!