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Oh Hell Yes.

In the past week I've been given 2 patients on my couplet care rotation (everyone else is still getting 1, color me special), got mentioned on a patient comment card (in a positive way) AND made the last exam my complete and utter bitch (96%, HA!).

If the rest of the semester gets any better, I'm likely to be thoroughly unbearable.

I'm in the OR tomorrow, so lets hope I can handle whatever they throw at me.

In other news, I just cast on for this tonight. I'm making it in a nice vanilla, with pale pink beads, to wear at my wedding. (Assuming I can get it done, and don't want to kill myself by the time I make any progress on it.) Of course, I've already lost my stupidass tiny crochet hook between swatching and now, so that's a bit annoying. It can't have gotten far...


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