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So I finally finished the quilted throw from Amy Butler's "In Stitches." I learned a few very important lessons on this project, the most important being this: Pin-wale corduroy is not the best material for making a throw.

Seriously, the quilt looks like a 4 year old sewed it, and not even one of the talented sweatshop four year olds. The corduroy made it get sort of puckery in places, but frankly, I don't care. It's warm as hell, and it's long enough to cover my feet AND my shoulders without me having to contort. (This should not be difficult, it's not like I'm an amazon at 5'2".)

Her seam allowances are Whack, you need more pieces than stated to get it to the appropriate length, and again, with the corduroy, but... it's mine, it's done, and it's warm. Yay.

This comes in the nick of time, because the heat pump in my apartment sucks ass. The recent cold snap has taxed it beyond its means- it can barely keep it 62 degrees in here when it's really bad outside. I've given up on calling the landlord, because the thing is old, unreliable, and they refuse to just replace it. (and the "fixes" only last a week or less) So I'm keeping it set at 60-62 when it's really cold, and spending my time elsewhere as much as possible/piling on the blankets. Thank Elvis I'm only in this apt another year.


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