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So it's fall break, which makes me overjoyed, and slobberingly happy. No patient to research tonight, and the speedwalker upstairs can come home at 4AM and speedwalk- I DON'T CARE. :) I don't have to get up early tomorrow. Life, is good.

So how have I spent my break so far? By making a totally bitchin' tote bag from Amy Butler fabrics, so I can haul my nurse pack stuff in style, instead of the ugly nurse pack. Registering for classes, and...hey, this sounds suspiciously like school stuff...

Today I'm going to piece some placemats, hem some jeans, and make some awesome pumpkin custard from the new Prevention slow cooker magazine. YUM. I picked up a great book over the weekend, coincidentally, also by Amy Butler, In Stitches. It has bunches of great, easy- but neat- projects for the not totally brain dead, but not coture dress sewin' fool... (And seriously- I want those round pillows on the front. Want. Want. WAAAANT.)

So in all, a good fall break to be had. Sure, I won't be flashing my chest at some Oktoberfest, but... I'll maintain my dignity (I think).


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