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I can include...

"badass hairdresser" as one of my many titles now.

P's been running around looking eerily like a hippie lately. He's about one tie-dyed pair of longjohns away from following the Dead around in a VW Bus. I don't think he's had his hair cut since before we went on vacation in mid-June. In short- the man needed a trim, stat.

We, being of little funds, but ample creativity decided to whip out the Wahl and give it a try. And honest to pete, it looks presentable. I achieved the blended sides/back thing, and kept the top long and textured. Yay me. With goop in it, it'll even look like it wasn't homemade!

In other news, we got to take the bikes out today, which was nice. I got to try out my new helmet (which fit beautifully) and gloves (ditto) and got to pedal while watching something far more interesting than VH1. In all, a great day.


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