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So. Yeah.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

The good: my last scheduled ass-wiping shift is Thursday. I can pick up additional ones if I feel like it, but I'm typing from here on. Yay me.

The bad: P seriously screwed up his back on the coasters at Hershey. As in "couldn't finish his shift yesterday night, called in sick today, barely could walk" kind of screwed up. Yeowch.

The ugly: Yesterday was one of those days that make me glad I only work 3-4 days a week, because I needed today off.

We coded a patient twice, they died. Family freaked. (Patient was extremely ill, extremely old, and family just never considered the possibility that might happen.) During codes (one announced overhead, one not announced, since everyone necessary was still there and we run our own codes) everyone and their uncle wanted to bring us transfers etc. Especially people from dialysis and the med surg floors. I don't get it.

Like... "Hi. We have a patient coding. Y'know, how WE send a team to do shit for YOU when your patients code? Well, OUR nurses do that for OUR patients, so, the one you want right now is a little busy. No, I don't know when the nurse will be done. Either when the doc decides the patient's still dead, or their heart's beating again. Call the sup if you want, or I can just hand her the phone, since she's right here, y'know... at the CODE."

The night kind of went downhill after that. Though the supervisors were pretty kind for the most part- moved 2 of the admits we were supposed to get immediately after that to other floors so we had some time to catch our breath. Ended up intubating someone else, called in a zillion and 8 consults, or at least enough that the woman from the medical bureau can spell my first name now- which is impressive, since some people I've worked with for over a year still can't even pronounce it correctly.

On a happier note, I've got some happy Hiaasen books to read. I just finished Strip Tease, and am working through Nature Girl. I've got 2 more goodies from the used book store to check out. I'm hoping they'll get me through till my birthday, and all the reading material that will entail. By the time that runs out, school will start, and I'll have to devote myself to more scholarly pursuits again. Whee.


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