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Ah, sweet vacation.

We're back. Had a wonderful time, for more reasons than would be apparent. First up- the place we stayed, the Valley View Cabin. LOVE IT. Coming back to it next year. Adored it. Worth every single penny. Worth not having to hike to go pee. Worth being able to make real food on a real stove. Worth being able to sit on the porch and drink coffee. Worth being able to sit on the screened porch at night and have a glass of wine. Worth sleeping in a real bed. Worth a real, hot shower. Worth being able to wash clothes before I left. WORTH IT. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

Here's a picture, not taken by me, of my favorite place to sit and read, Corn Mill Shoals. Why didn't I take a picture? Because we forgot our camera again this year. (Two years out of three, smart, eh?) This year I learned to pee in the woods. I also learned to watch for snakes, because they're everydarnedwhere...

My favorite place to eat, other than the porch, was and always will be Hawg Wild. Kickass Eastern Barbeque, sweet tea that I'd actually DREAM about, and awesome servers. Plus, great ice cream, right across the street. Can't beat it. We usually eat there twice when we come. (And if you just happen to have some leftover eastern barbeque, and a bit of onion around, and maybe some great northern beans... you can make some bbq hash, and whip an egg on it. Mighty tasty breakfast...)

And my favorite place of all...

Picture it in the sunshine, with lots of green trees and laurels (and snakes!) about, and a brand spankin' new dock. This is Lake Julia, where P and I got engaged on Tuesday as the sun set.
Best. Vacation. Ever.


Blogger Fiber said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!
P told me he was going to ask about a week before you left for vacation and I couldn't wait to get the text message that I knew would come! Don't worry - he specifically told me no details of anything so that it would be a big surprise to everyone.

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