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Just saying...

Dear HealthAssurance folks,

For the past 2.5 years that I've had your insurance, I've been taking my birth control pills the same exact way; skip the inactive pills for 2 packs, take 'em on the 3rd. No matter what my OB-GYN writes, you still give me hassles every single time I want to get a refill. You're driving me insane.

If you'd prefer, I'll take the pills in the usual way, but you'll have to pay for prophylactic migraine meds again, which is a hell of a lot more expensive than just filling the damn BC when I ask for it. It's not like you can get high from BC pills, and there's not a high street value on something you can get for free down at planned parenthood.

In short, I've been taking these pills for years, even before our relationship started, HealthAssurance. I haven't died or OD'd yet...


(And yes, I know, they go by their formula, but going round for round with these people every 2.5 months is irritating the hell out of me.)


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