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Word to the Wise

If you have a family member in the hospital and you happen to be a drug addict, try not to do anything excessively stupid. Because even if you think you're being clever, we are far smarter than you are.

Case in point: (Which has been obfuscated somewhat.) If your dad's in the hospital and on a ventillator, chances are, the drugs they're getting in their IV are somewhat necessary to their comfort/survival. When a bag of "vitamin A" has been hung in their room, and you ask "Oh,what is that? Is it like drug X? Because I know my dad takes drug X all the time. Yeah." and then, mysteriously, about an hour and a half later the bag of "vitamin a" is completely bone dry (when it should have lasted far, far longer) we're going to make sure the pump's not wacko, and the pharmacist wasn't smoking crack when he filled the bag... then we're going to figure out that it's you. (Especially when you're passed out in the waiting room downstairs.)

Further backstory there, but isn't quite relevant- suffice to say, they determined that what most likely happened is girl wonder unspiked the IV bag, squeezed a large amount of the bag's contents either into her mouth or her beverage, and proceeded to get happy, at her dad's expense. What a twunt.

(And dad was OK, though we ended up moving his bed from the far reaches to directly in front of the nurse's station, so someone's pretty much always staring into the room)


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