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Dear family of a culture different than mine that I've tried to tolerate for the past week,

I realize you're concerned about your family member, and last night, they were going downhill quite rapidly. However, today they're infinitely better. This is still a critical care unit, and if I can't get through the room for the number of people jammed in there, I'm going to get pissed. Additionally, this is a HOSPITAL, not your damned living room. All kinds of evil germs are all over the place, especially in our nasty-ass carpeting. For the love of God, PUT YOUR FUCKING SHOES BACK ON. The only people who get to prance around in their socks are the patients.

Also, I realize you've got family in all parts of the world, and cell phones are ubiquitous. This does not give you license to chat on your phone, in my hallway, IN YOUR SOCKS every 30 seconds. Put your damn shoes on and go to the waiting room, before you kill someone (or I do).

Enough Already


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