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I got... Ssssteam heat?

Actually, I got NO heat. The freakin' unit froze solid after the ice storm last night. I now have a space heater, and am debating between sleeping on the couch (in front of the heater) or burrowing under the electric blanket in the bedroom (where the heater won't do an effective job).

And this will be the SECOND time the furnace guys will be out in a week. The problem before still isn't fixed right, and now this. And NO, I am not going to run emergency heat until they get it right- I am not selling a freakin' kidney to heat this shithole.

(Hm. Getting hot under the collar isn't helping me feel any warmer.)

Updates when they come. *eyeroll* Lets hope they FIX the problem this time.


Blogger Fiber said...

Yeah, we've had the Schwenger boys out more times than I can count too. I think the greatest time was during the ice storm and it was 54 degrees in the house.
Stupid old houses.

4:55 PM  

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