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With apologies to Julie Andrews

These aren't a few of my favorite things.

1. A&P teachers who will post grades lightning-quick one week, then drag their feet the next. Just tell me if I passed the test, homeslice, so I can stop crashing blackboard with my obsessive-compulsive logins. Mhmkay? Thanks.

2. The skeleton. All of it. With a test in 2 weeks. Hello Gray's Anatomy (not the fucking show) flash cards. May you be worth the 35 dollars I spent, so that I don't have to make them myself.

3. Brain Injuries. Now I'm sure that all 2 people that read this are not going to get all het up about this, but in case someone else who wanders in and gets their panties in a wad... I AM a sensitive caring person. But I also have limits. And when I put the blood pressure cuff back on for the 12th time in 10 minutes, ask you to lay back down, and have picked your feet back up into the bed for the 3,000th time in the past minute and a half (it's called hyperbole, people) it starts to wear on ya just a tad. Oh, sure, I'll keep that sunny, patient disposition the entire time I'm in the room, but believe me.... I'm just waitin' till I'm outside that hospital so I can bitch. Or I'm beggin' the nurse for some drugs. For the patient or for me, I don't really care which. (No, I wouldn't condone diversion, people, it's called humor, and it's called appropriate medication according to a physician's orders. I'm not advocating gorking people out if they've got a frontal lobe injury, no matter how much simpler my life would be.)

4. My damn internal alarm clock. Because I know full well that I will wake up at 0630 tomorrow, even though I don't have an 0800 class. Damnit.


Blogger Fiber said...

I've often asked for treats out of the med room myself, but no one has taken me up on it yet.

8:32 AM  

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