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Holy McMoley

So I'm entering into an 8 day stretch here for work (Oh, we have to make up for that sweet 2 days off, 1 day on, 2 more days off spin somehow....) and if the rest of it is like yesterday, I'm signing myself into the mental health unit NOW. Seriously. I had my last in-person English class from 0800-1100, had a class for my job from 1100-1530, and then immediately had to go upstairs and begin working at 1530 for my regularly scheduled shift (which was supposed to begin at 1500, and be over by 2330.)

Now... it wouldn't have been so horrific if one of the people I was supposed to work with didn't call in sick. And perhaps, legitimately so. I hope he feels better if he was. But it doesn't change the fact that it meant I had to run after 9 people instead of 6, and sometimes that makes all the difference in the world.

I'm sure they'll bitch on Days because nobody got bathed, but you know what? I spent my night running after Frontal Lobe Injury guy who kept peeing the bed and himself, and is a total bitch to turn, whose nurse wouldn't help at all the last time at 2300 when he had gotten his gown off, his O2 off, and was up in bed... (bed change #4) and the 2 admissions, and the guy at the end of the hall on a colonoscopy prep who is fighting tooth and nail about using the bedpan- I'm following protocol- I can't force your passive aggressive nurse to come in here and face you, and she's afraid you'll pass out if oyu use a potty chair.

Also: Note to the float pool person who replaced me. I really, really like you. BUT, when you come up to the floor 35 minutes late (For an ostensibly good reason, but I can shoot holes in your story), do NOT sit there and tell stories to the other nurses. I have been at this since 0800. It is now well after the time I should have gone home, and I still need to give you report on 9 people. Sit down. Shut up. Listen, so I can go home. (And it was still well after 12 till I left, because everybody's damn call bell went off at once.)

And to top all that shit off? I didn't get a frackin' lunch. Thank goodness we got to eat during class, an someone brought pretzels in, because I'd have probably croaked. Heh

So, seriously. I have a 12 hour class/work day today. If it's this bad again, I'm going to beat someone. Also, we need to find a solution for the bedwetter. He won't keep on a pair of depends or a texas cath, and the docs took out his foley (jackasses). Maybe I could page them to come help change his bed...

(There, I feel a little better. Maybe I coul do what my other co-worker did. She's on a shorter stretch than me, taking far fewer classes than me, and she whined to our manager and got a day off.... pansy.)


Blogger Chuchundra said...

Back in the day, I used to work my overnight at the psych hospital, get off at 7AM and got to school, get home in the afternoon and then crash until 9:30 so I could shower, eat and be to work by 11.

By the way, if you have extra dough then you need to buy your old pal Chuch a wedding present.

6:33 PM  

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