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And the Lord said, "Let there be 'net."

And there was. And it was good.

And a special shout out to whomever it is in my neighborhood who isn't locking their connection. You're a broke-ass student's hero, man.

'specially on a Sunday, on a laptop with a shifty "D" key, which has the unfortunate byproduct of making most things I type look gangsta, quite accidentally.

This? Means I can blog more. Unfortunately, it means I'll be blogging about school and wiping asses. But it means I can start brain dumping, posting recipes, and generally being an egotistical wanker who thinks someone gives a shit and a half about what I write, too. Yay me.

It also means I can do my graded math homework from HOME instead of trottin' my sorry butt up to the computer lab. I can spread out, and take my time. Hoooray.
(And I can obsessively check my grades, too. Who has a B- in math an couldn't be happier? This guy.)

(Being broke-assed is a theme today, even though payday was Friday. Trust me, that money? Doesn't last long.)

Other things that make a broke-ass student happy, Fall Break edition:

1. The Wire on DVD from Netflix. Daaamn, that first season rocked- and yes, I'm way behind the times on this, but hey. I haven't had HBO since Shrub's first term, and I haven't had cable in over a year, 'mhmkay?

2. A fat pot of ham and green beans (If you have all day, you make it with a ham hock, if you want fast and easy, take a pound or a little more of fresh green beans, trim them, and cut in half, set aside. Take about a pound or so of little red potatoes and cut into large dice, take some nice big ham cubes [my grocery store sells packs of 'em by the ham slices], a small onion- diced medium, and some celery- sliced medium, and put it in a pot with a box of chicken broth, and some pepper. Boil the hell out of it till the potatoes are almost done, add in the green beans, bring the heat down to a lower boil, ans when the beans are done, add in enough cornstarch mixed with water to make the broth velvety.) Fast, easy, makes a lot, and it's nice comfort food.

3. Cold weather means knitting season. Knitting season means socks for me this year. They're portable, inexpensive, and I stand a chance at finishing them. I'd also like to make a scarf for myself to match P's famous cabled number, but I don't see myself having time. A pair of socks, though, is potentially do-able.

Now, if anyone's out there, I need some advice.

My place of employment (The Giganto-Mega-Hospital) will pay for my education 100% once I am in a clinical program. However, I am electing not to enter the clinical program until September 2008. (Due in part to the number of hours I work/week.)

That being said, I procured loans for the first year of school- I will be receiving a reimbursement check for about half the tuition (which is what was covered by the loans anyway- the rest was a grant) Now. Here is my question.

Do I take the reimbursement check and send it in to pay down on the student loans immediately OR...

Do I take the reimbursement check, and whip it into my savings, add to it any extra money I make during christmas break, and use the funds from both to make up the difference in my check if I were to drop my hours at work. I'm going to be taking the same number of credits, but I'm taking harder classes, and I want my GPA to be excellent (I've got all As now, except for that B- in Math, which I'll live with.)

Anyway... that's the dilemma. Any suggestions? Y'know where I am.


Blogger Fiber said...

Huzzah! You're still alive! I'd say take the money, screw the education thing, and take your neighbors out for the best night of their lives.
Now if I was thinking all proper like, I'd say throw that money into a savings account, use it for when you can't be doing a .09 at the Mega-Spital, and pay the loans off later when you're making double what you're making now. But that's just me.
Also, let me know when the best time to drop off a "Not for You" bag is these days....

12:44 PM  

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