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So. I still wipe butts.

But now I wipe asses, and I may also be a tutor. AND I don't have to go to the Pot-Smokin'-Hippie's* English Class as often anymore. Bitchin'.

School? Is going well. I've gotten over the massive lecture exam that brought my anatomy grade down to a B (despite being 20 points higher than the class average), as I'm back up to an A again (barely), and we're finally doing shit in Math that makes sense, and has bearing on my major- to wit- dosage calc. Haleluia.

Oh, and the whole English class thing? I get to help pioneer the online program, b/c I am not being "challenged" by the material in the current course. Also, I get to help edit the college journal. Cool. Tutoring is for Psych class, which is actually ridiculously easy I've got greater than a 100 in it right now- (mostly because I read the material, and he pulls the test questions directly from the material, and bonus questions from the class discussions...) I like the prof's style, and I think I'm going to tap him for my letter of recommendation for the major program.

Now I'm sweatin' getting into the classes I actually need for next semester so I don't get dicked for work, and get into the classes I actually NEED for credits...

And lest you think that my life is entirely school... (it is, but that's irrelevant) we had a guy this weekend at work, with the last name of... well, I can't give you his real last name, but lets just say it was slang for female genitalia. We'll call him Mr. Twat. Close enough. How would you like to marry INTO that family name?

*Note, I don't think my English prof has ever smoked the hippie lettuce. I just think that he has to have been high to have come up with some of his assignments.


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