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Who rocks?

Well, aside from WXPN, that is.

I am thrilled to death, that I got a 48.5 out of 50 on my A&P lab exam. I was sweatin' this one pretty hard (cranial nerves, spine, ears, eyes, and a whole bunch of other crap), so I am ecstatic.

In other news. Began tutoring today, that was fun. Put in my request to become a .6 (3 days a week) at work as of 1/14, which should be approved. I will begin living even more broke-assed now, though, so I can save every penny for when I'm really destitute.

Otherwise, it's a beautifully rainy day here, and it's finally beginning to feel like Fall. The trees are just sort of giving up, though. The leaves are saying "I'm done" and falling, without turning pretty colors, and we're all sort of ready for sweaters to come out of the closets. (Not obscenely cold- just cool enough to warrant a sweater for evenings.)

I've done pretty much no cooking lately, though yesterday I did make some pretty bitchin' french bread pizza with some mushrooms and peppers on it. This past weekend it was pierogis, sauerkraut, and kielbasa. Good times, mingling in that pot, there.

Also: A little note to one of my thinly disguised coworkers. If you have to go to the ER because you "hurt yourself" at work and are "nauseous, dizzy, and have injured your arm so badly you can't work" and are "called off by the ER for the entire weekend and Monday too" and given a sling to put your precious arm in, you should probably totally wear that sling to class Monday. That probably changes to definitely, if several of your co-workers (who had to cover your ass on Sunday) are going to be there, and know that the only reason you "went to the ER" in the first place is because "you're a total fucking slacker who has worked only one of the past four weekends" and "is on a written warning anyway" and "we're running a termination pool for you and another employee" though it'll suck because you're at least a "warm body when you decide to show up."

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, slacker.

Wow. Sorry about the quotation marks there...


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