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The sound you hear

Is either my arteries hardening, or me jumping up and down with glee.
No, Fiber, not THAT kind of glee. We didn't get a ring. (Though it could have been in the creme brulee.)

It is really nice to have a boyfriend who likes to cook. Especially when you've totally had the shits of cooking, and you'd really rather not touch a pot. It's doubly nice when said boyfriend cooks really great food you'd never attempt to cook, because you don't have the time/effort to invest.

Saturday he made pesto focaccia to go with a killer lasagna (yay! I got my lasagna wish) that his mom's friend made for her. (Homemade sauce, three meats and all.) I contributed a storebought marscapone and sponge cake (it was bitchin'.)

Sunday he made a kick-ass spaghetti squash toss (green pepper, onion, tomato, olive oil, garlic, salt/pepper and fresh mozzarella) that I can replicate. But the kicker was dinner. Homemade alfredo sauce on crab/lobster ravioli, and chai creme brulee. That sound you hear is my ass getting wider. But dear sweet Elvis, it was worth it. Once you eat homemade alfredo, you want to just kick someone in the nards down at ragu. Because seriously- it's the closest to heaven you're ever going to get in a saucepan. YUM.

The other giddy noises were because I got the exact class schedule I wanted, thanks to my magic scheduling-fu. (And the fact that I was sitting, reloading the window, and waiting for it to be 5:59, so I could get the LAST seat in the A&P 2 class I wanted. So next semester's schedule will run thusly:
Mondays and Tuesdays 8-11, A&P II, lecture/lab. Mondays and Tuesdays 12:30-2:20 Microbiology Lecture/Lab (P is in this class too) Wednesdays 9-12, Sociology. I'm also taking an online nutrition class. The two lecture/labs are going to be a lot more difficult to manage, which is why I'm dropping hours. I'm going to try to take off Mon/Tues evenings, to make my life a little more bearable.



Blogger Fiber said...

Good for you getting the classes you need! Scheduling is always a birch.
And food sounds great. Although I usually hate alfredo sauce, I'm sure the homemade stuff is good.

9:57 PM  

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