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Why I have the best boyfriend evah.

So I'm making dinner tonight, and whack a pretty substantial portion of the top of my middle fingertip off. It's held on by a little flap, and it's down through the nail- it's ugly, and it won't quit bleeding. Kids, USE YOUR GARLIC PRESS. Do not use the nice big knife, like you always do, just because it is out and you don't want to wash something else. USE THE GARLIC PRESS. Anyway.

After a few minutes, it still is bleeding and I'm starting to worry a bit. That's when I have the following phone conversation.

Me: Hi... um... so... how long do you think I should let something bleed before I just go to the emergency room?

P: Uh, WHAT?

Me: Well, I kinda whacked the top of my finger off, and it won't stop bleeding, and it really is freakin' me out.

P: How bad did you cut it?

Me: (describes it) I've got it up over my head and everything.

P: what do you have to bandage it up? And if it doesnt stop in a few more minutes, just go over and get it looked at.

Me: (Looking in the first aid kit) Well... really crappy bandaids, and.... that's it. Ans... I don't think they can put stitches in it- this is through my nail and into the nail bed.

P: Alright, I'm coming over. You need what. Tape? Gauze?

Me: Neosporin? and better bandaids? But you need to study!

P: Shush. I'll be there in a bit.

Not only did he come over, but he stopped at walgreens for me, brought me better first aid stuff, a card, an CHOCOLATE, but he finished

Damn, I love this guy.


Blogger Fiber said...

He is a good kid. Was it dark chocolate??

And I can understand being hesitant to go to the emergency room - it is so extremely far away....

12:29 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Dark chocolate lindor balls (which I love).

Heh. I know, it's sooooo far, but I was afraid they wouldn't be able to stitch it- I cut right through my fingernail. Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt much today unless i go whack it against something, like an idiot.

12:57 PM  

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