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The End is Nigh.

Of the semester, that is. I'm reviewing for my A&P final, which takes place Monday at 0800. I'm not terribly freaked out. I need 122 points out of 150 to keep an A- in the class, which works for me. So lets take a moment and talk about non-class stuff...

A little note to the woman in front of me at Weis. Judging by the well-worn state of your WIC folder, you're no stranger to the check system. In fact, what you can buy is written RIGHT ON THE CHECK for your convenience. So, lets buy what you have to buy, and not try to split your check, and do all kinds of stupid shit, because my ass is in a hurry, mhmkay?

To the people who brought the Five Guys franchise to Lackluster. May Elvis bless you richly. Holy hell your hamburgers are good. Your fries are good. My ass is going to get really big if I give into the temptation to eat there. You must mix crack in with your fresh ground beef. (Fiber, they make veggie burgers and grilled cheese too.)

To el douchebaggio in bed 12. You managed to pee OK on your own when you had a male aide all day. You peed while your male nurse was in the room. While it was dark outside when I was born, I can assure you, it was not last night... YOU are perfectly capable of holding mister winky in the urinal on your own, and I will NOT be helping you. Also, lay off the GD bell, as you're driving everyone insane, and you are capable of moving your leg a quarter inch to the left. (If you were maybe just a modicum more pleasant, I'd be inclined to gown up and fluff your pillows more often, but you're in isolation AND an asshole, so... no.)

Cheese, in all its permutations, is good.
Knowing more about your heat than the repair guys is not good. Having the exact same problem every single year (which is why you know what to fix) is not good either. Nor is the repair guy's "solution" of setting on the emergency heat on 70 for the weekend. (Uh, hi- are you going to pay the exorbitant bill?)

Having your best friend finally be happy, is very good.

The steelers beating the patriots today will be very good. The dolphins losing againw ill be good. Being done with finals will be good. Yep.


Blogger Fiber said...

Yeah, I heard they do a grilled cheese like In-N-Out burger does it and that the fries are pretty slam tasty.
Methinks I'll have to give it a try.

Funny post as always.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Seriously, the fries are so GOOD.

WELL worth it. And they will put anything on your grilled cheese, man.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Lina said...

Fiber and I hit up Five Guys last night and I must say that the crack burger was fairly amazing. Thanks for the recommendation.

8:20 AM  

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