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School's In

Oh that magical, mystical month off has evaporated, and I find myself setting the alarm for 0630 again. Damnit, the semester's begun again.

I have a few observations from this first semester.

1. If you're embarking on a second career, bully for you! I'm right there with ya. I'm fortunate in the fact that I look like I'm a good 6 or 7 years younger than I am, and can blend in with some of the little kids here. However, when you look every bit of your 40+ years, dressing like a bratz doll doesn't make you fit in, it makes you look like a whore. An old whore at that. PS- those 2 inch long acrylics you're sporting (with rhinestones) are SO not going to fly in clinicals.

2. I realize that the "Y" generation is used to multi-media, channel surfing, and generally has the attention span of a gnat. Nonetheless, this is college. The Sociology textbook should not read like it was written by a bunch of overly-caffienated, ADD-afflicted chimps. I've read issues of USA today that were more scholarly and logically arrayed. And for fuck's sake, I don't give a shit if Buffi thinks she's a Functionalist or if she espouses the Conflict theory. Please don't make me have to post 25 things a week on our ridiculous message board.

3. I now know way, way more than I ever thought I would about the reproductive system. P's afraid I'm going to slice his nuts open, just so I can identify all the parts. "Look honey! It's your tunica vaginalis, and there's your tunica albuginia. Now hold still so I can take a look at spermatic cord, and STOP Crying! You'll make the knife slip!

4. It's really funny to have P as a lab partner in micro. The prof is a riot, and I believe this will be my favorite class. It doesn't hurt that he's got a science-geek sense of humor (I like that), and I used to have a giiiiiinormous crush on his son in Junior Hi. Heh.

I'm sure next week will be even more amusing.


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