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Snowy Day Fun

I actually found myself with an entire day off- and nothing completely required for me to do. Wow. That's actually quite the rarity- AND I get to recreate the experience again tomorrow. I? Am thrilled.

So I got to watch a lot of Anthony Bourdain DVDs, ran out to get my favorite sleep aids- benadryl and earplugs, started the scarf I've been meaning to make myself (saxon braid, like P's, in shades of pinky orange) and whipped up a dinner that's a riff on Fiber's awesome lentil & onion rice- (Mine adds curry powder, mushrooms, and spinach)

Tomorrow promises to be snowy, indeed, it's starting already. I'm looking forward to editing some stuff for school, knitting, eating tasty leftovers, and ignoring the telephone.


Blogger Fiber said...

Who doesn't love snow days?? BTW, thanks for the great variation on the lentil onion rice. I'm definitely going to give that a try!

12:33 PM  

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