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Thank you, modern medicine.

Well. After two weeks of screeching brain pain, and not doing anything wrong (or at least the "wrong" not correlating with the screeching) I'm back on Topamax. And let me just say that I forgot how wonderful you can sleep with that stuff! Of course, it completely shuts out Gin as an option (as if it really was one in the first place, unfortunately), but hey. No screeching migraine, two solid nights sleep, and I am one happy camper.

The raging PMS feeling aside, this is a fabulous development.

More wonderful things:

The television show "Dexter," which I had put into my Netflix queue on a whim a while back. Entertaining and demented. Plus I finally found something P will watch with just as much enthusiasm as I do.

The UC at work who was leaving. Then she wasn't. Then she gave her notice. Now she might be staying every other weekend again. STOP GETTING MY HOPES UP. Do you know how much I am looking forward to a typing job for the next two years, instead of a wiping job? yeah! So figure your shit out, so I don't have to be in limbo!

Vacation! One more shift, and I am off for ten entire days. And next year *I* get to pick where we go. I'm gunning for something interesting IN STATE so we don't have to sell our kidneys and drive for ten effin' hours to get where we're going. (Where we go is lovely, but my ass is not made of concrete.) I'm thinkin' a pedal/paddle tour where you can mountain bike and whitewater raft/kayak... so we can BOTH do something fun and active. (Just because I don't do hills doesn't mean I don't like the idea of doing something active either...)

Anyway... maybe this is the year for something sparkly?

Photos to come.


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