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It's Official!

June 19, 2010's the wedding date. We signed the paperwork for Stoudt's last night. Yay!

Also, I've seen so many wedding dresses and cakes online, my head is going to explode, and I still have 23 months till the wedding.

(Thanks mom.)

I've seen 5 that really made me say "Dang, that's cute." Of those, 2 are way, way, Waaaaaay out of the price range I wanted to spend. 1 is only available at a bridal shop rather a drive from here (and probably not available to try in anything resembling my size) and 2 are online only, but designed specifically for people who are not size 2.

On the upside, I pretty much completely have the wedding theme down cold, along with decor, favors, and centerpieces. So that's promising. (Garden/roses.)


Now, a story from work. I wish I could take credit for this, but it's really P's story. I hope I do it justice. As you know, P is a phlebotomist, and occasionally works in the emergency room. Well, over the weekend, he was down there, and the majority of the trauma calls were for idiots on motorcycles. Naturally, they were helmetless idiots. One guy, of Latin persuasion wasn't too badly banged up, but he was admitted as a trauma. P draws his blood (getting a blood alcohol, as they usually do in these cases) and later on comes back in to get a few other samples, as a cop comes in. P verifies, but doesn't keep the patient's name in the forefront of his brain as the cop starts conversing with the patient..
"So, how fast were you going?"
"Oh, about 20, 25?"
"NO WAY, Jose!" the cop laughs, "And not only that, but you're not going to believe what else you're getting busted for." And as the cop reads the arrest warrant or what have you, it turns out, the dude's name really IS Jose, and he was getting charged with riding without a license, riding without a helmet*, riding under the influence, speeding, failure to yield (or something like it)and something else. The cop ended his litany with, "Oh, and 'Happy birthday!'"

This cop is officially my most favorite cop EVER.

*You can ride without a helmet, but not till you've had your license for a year. Once you've had it for a year nobody cares if you've scrambled your brain...


Blogger Fiber said...

Yay!!!!! That is very exciting! I still need to see the new bling - one of these days we should just meet in the parking lot, but not in that whole "I'll kick your ass" sort of way!

3:51 PM  

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