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Well. I haven't killed anyone yet.

Then again, they haven't let us play with drugs yet either.

Also: We haven't had our first group presentation, so murder or manslaughter could be imminent.

Seriously. If you get barred from clinical for something minor and easily rectified the class before a major project is due, wouldn't you oh... rectify it, so you could join the group and finish the project? Apparently not if you're the bimbette twins. If you're the bimbette twins, you take "You can't come back to clinicals till you finish your required computer training" really means "take the rest of the day off and go shopping."

Did I need to mention that their portion of the project was the weakest, and that one half of the bimbette twins was responsible for the flyer that should have gone out today advertising the project? Because... yeah.

This is totally why I hate working in groups.

Anyway. I'm not dead yet, and I'm feeling less like I hate this, and less overwhelmed. For a little while there, I was seriously regretting my career decision (and then hating myself for hating it and we're only what- 4 weeks in?) but I have hopes that once we're NOT on a community rotation things will be a little better. Better instructor, better opportunities to do something with the stuff we sorta get taught in the classroom (kinda) and we'll see what happens. Plus I wrote a careplan and my head didn't explode. (It was half wrong, but I didn't die.)



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