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It Must Have Been Something I Ate

Part food review, part something else...

We have a new restaurant in town, J.B. Dawson's. Cute place- nice atmosphere, dark clubby kind of look. Food's excellent and the lunch specials are priced well. Nothing on the lunch menu is over 10.00, (maybe one thing is 10.99) and includes a lot of nice fish dishes. I had an excellent crab alfredo pasta dish that was delicious. Nice bit of Old Bay seasoning in the sauce, and they accommodated my request for penne instead of linguine. (Linguine is too difficult to eat while conversing with friends.) Bonus: With a little fat-free half and half, it reheated nicely, and combined well with some broccoli for dinner.

Now, the gripe. The first time I was there, I chalked up the horrendously slow service to the fact that the restaurant had just opened. But this time it's over a month later, and it's STILL horrendously slow. Our server would disappear for entire ice ages between bringing beverages, forgot one person's soup and by the time she brought the bread out, our entrees had arrived. Maybe we're just getting the "B" squad, since visits have been over lunchtime, but c'mon.

I also realize that they operate on a "team" basis, where any staff member can assist you. However, we rarely saw any staff members, much less our own. (Though the first person we DID see was a manager type who very quickly brought the missing soup.)
That said. I'll be back at least once more for dinner, because I do like the atmosphere, and I hear the tilapia is awesome. But if the service doesn't live up to the decor, I may give up.

On an unrelated note, a special shout out to the people running our nursing program. Kudos to you, who noticed less than a week before the start of classes that you were missing a ***!!!crucial!!!*** set of DVDs from the required book purchase list, that we absolutely must go back and purchase immediately.

All I can say is that if we don't use these motherfucking DVDs every damn lab, and they are not the most helpful, awesome things ever*, I am going to personally cram them up someone's ass, in shards. There goes another 85 bucks that could be spent on groceries, electric, or anger management classes or something USEFUL.

*Five bucks says it's a whole bunch of "This is how you wash your hands." "This is how you roll a patient." "This is how you give a bath to a patient in a bed." bullshit that they're supposed to actually, y'know TEACH.


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