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Topamax- Continued

This is more kvetching about Topamax, the Ike Turner of migraine medications.

Man, this taste alteration keeps continuing. I'm sad to report that fatty salty things are next on the list. French fries and Five Guys just don't taste right. They're OK, but they're not the orgasmic little balls of delight that they SHOULD be, and that I know they are. Old Bay seasoning now tastes really weird (odd, because last week it was acceptable), and pretty much any deep-fried anything tastes gross.

Smells are pretty jacked up too. Hot oil especially- walking into Weis is difficult. Seriously... this stuff DOES work, but it's doing a number on my senses.

I've figured out too that while cherry Coke tastes like copper coated sawdust, Dr. Pepper tastes like it should. Hooray!

On a lighter note, I get to play with kitties today.


Anonymous Topamax Side Effects said...

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