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According to the Radio...

"Christmas is Just Around the Corner."

Shit. I guess I'd better get crackin'.

In school related news, that crackin' is referring to my psyche. With the mountain of utter shite that is due in the next few days, I think a stalwart refusal to climb to the top of the nearest water tower with the semiautomatic weapon of your choice should automatically grant you a passing grade.

As far as holiday giftie giving goes, I'm actually in good shape this year. I've got a handle on my handmade gifts, and am almost done with the feared most-time consuming one (embroidered flour-sack towels for G. monkey's vintage kitchen). I've got an idea for mom's giftie- hand-dyed fabric (thanks to a really great article I read, this? Totally doable). I'll do 3 or 4 1/2 yard pieces that she can mix with batiks of her own choice to make a quilted piece. Odie's getting a fleece scarf, and that's the extent of my handmade for now. P's mom's wreath is awesome, and I'm actually ahead of schedule. YAY.

(This may or may not be why the end of semester is so evil.)

now, I'm off to go practice my assessment of another student. Where the eff's my tuning fork?


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