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Belated Thanks.

It's the time of year where we all get a bit mushy and mindful, and I'm no exception.

I'm thankful that the trooper that pulled me over only cited me for ONE violation instead of the three that he could have, and that he didn't do anything overtly dicky.

I'm thankful that my dad didn't scream at me for getting ticketed for something that was my own stupid fault, but instead met me at the garage so I could have the problem fixed, and then took me to get some lunch for the first time in years.

I'm thankful that I got to spend some time with my parents, because that doesn't happen often enough anymore.

I'm thankful I have a job, and should have one for years to come.

I'm thankful I can still, for the most part, afford to go to school, even if I'll be paying it off till I retire.

I'm thankful for Tall, Squinty, and Handsome, who constantly surprises me, and encourages me, and makes me feel incredibly special and loved, even on the days when I feel like a giant stressball.

I'm thankful for a roof over my head, and stuff in my pantry, and heat that works most of the time (and blankets when it doesnt).


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