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I've made it this far...

And aside from reconfirming my general disdain, loathing, and outright hatred for group projects, I'm doing really well with the last week and a half of school. Got a solid B on my exam, did really well on my assessment of a student, and the part *I* did on my group project was kick ass. I can't help it that A. College students can't pronounce words larger than two syllables, and B. the folks in charge of the outline, despite repeated entreaties to the contrary still didn't put the objectives in the proper format. ("It's just like when you write a careplan. 'By the end of the session, the students will ... ' OK?" Yeah. Didn't happen.) So we got a solid B, when we should have had an A.

And I'm sure I earned some enemies on that group, but you know what? I didn't rat out half the group to the prof for being slacker assholes, and for me doing their research for them so I could get a better grade. So they can suck it.

Man, do I hate group work. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

PS. How hard is it, to show up in business casual for ONE effin' day?

Anyway. Finals are next week, then I can rest for a month. Thank you jeebus.


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