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Well Now.

I've spent the past two days cleaning, and the past three days all-adither. Why? Because I have LOST MY FREAKING STETHOSCOPE.

How the eff does one lose a stethoscope? Mind you, I've been reduced to barely being able to remember my lunch, come dinnertime, so the events of the week of 12/9 are a bit hazy- but the last date I can recall having it is the day of our student assessment. I used it on my partner, and thought I threw it in my nursing bag, then got assessed. Then hung out and knitted for an hour, then got assesessed by another partner, and then went home. I took the bag, and knitting to my mom's, then took out the knitting when I got home, but honestly, can't remember ever taking the scope out of my bag. Now, I go to whip on the neato light P got me for christmas, and it's missing...

Needless to say I'm freaking out because, A. it was not cheap, B. it was a gift, and C. IT IS NOT IN MY HOUSE OR CAR, which leads me to believe it's up in the lab at school, which means that someone has probably fucking stolen it, because my name wasn't on it (I've tried several times to keep a nametag on it, and they always pop right off.) I can't get back into school until after the new year, so I've got a pretty perpetual sick feeling in the pit of my stomach till this is resolved.

On the upside? My back room (also known as the pit of despair) is cleaner than it's been in ages, as is the rest of my apartment, and the entire place smells like delicious hot chocolate, thanks to the yummy candle my Aunt sent.

Worst case scenario, I will use P's scope till he starts clinicals, and if necessary, pick up a littman lightweight II to tide me over till graduation. I was going to upgrade to a cardiology master anyway when I graduated (and have that fucker engraved with my married name anyway) so...
The irony is I had been looking at what it would take to have my classic engraved now, because of the whole nametage issue the night before I figured out it was missing... *sigh*


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