Special Sauce

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Totally Unrelated

Found this recipe in this month's Everyday Food, and it's quite good.

Lentil Salad

1 1/4 cups lentils (boiled until tender, drained)
3 hard cooked eggs (peeled and roughly chopped)
1 cucumber (seeded, quartered, and diced)
1 small red onion (diced)

Make your favorite vinaigrette to go over the above (i.e. red wine vinegar, dry mustard, mrs. dash type stuff, salt, pepper, and olive oil whisked together) and serve hot or cold. It would also be good with cooked caramelized type onions, and a little bit of turkey bacon.


Yarrrr!nk I

So. I've tried being nice to "Perimenopausal Woman", the new secretary in our office, but y'know? I think I'm done. Ok, I'll still probably be nice to her, but I'm done fixing/covering up/explaining everything like she's a four year old. Why?

Because the biznatch makes WAY more money than me.

Sure. She said she has nearly 30 years of experience. But she's a mo. Ron. She's been there six weeks, and the concept of paging someone eludes her on some days. The concept of checking the list of managers to send something to, instead of just randomly selecting a bunch of people, is beyond her. Some things she's really good at. Like troubleshooting for her old job, notarizing stuff that's not work related on company time, and small tasks that are spelled out completely for her. That stuff? She gets. But "complex" stuff like not jacking up an outlook meeting planner? Not so much.

And because she's perimenopausal, and I'm in the prime of my fertility, I knew she'd be making more money than I am. No matter that I can work circles around her, even on my worst day, or that I've taken on additional responsibility, and get more done in the hour and a half before she gets into the office than she gets done all day (unless you include the jacking up she accomplishes).... she's making way, way more than me.

So I'm done with that shit.

I can't sit down and write a list of stuff to take to the directors because "they love her", and it'll make me look like a paranoid obsessive idiot, but every single person from outside our department that has to deal with her has the same impression- "She's a god damned moron". *sigh* So I'm stuck. But I'd damn well better get a good raise come annual review time, or mama is going to bust it, and I'll be looking for a transfer...

So. Um. yeah. That's my world right now.
P's fine. The cats are fine. My laundry's nearly done. So... later.


Alrighty Then.

Lets get started, shall we? There's a lot of ground to cover.

1. The new apartment. As opposed to the Old Apartment, which is a BNL song (and a mighty fine one at that). I like it. I like the mold smell. I like hearing my neighbor's answering machine messages. I like the quirky heating system. I like it all. Still, I have no cable, and no internet, and no phone, and I'm alright with that. It does make being sick a bit of a bitch, because on day 1 I burned through both of my remaining Six Feet Under discs, and had nothing else exciting to watch, and not enough energy to read. But I muddled through, and life is jolly.

2. The new "girl" at work. She has her moments where she's not bad, but I'm really, really trying to give her a chance. She means well, I think. But sometimes I just want to throw a stapler at the back of her head.

3. Boss Angst. I can't really get into this one a whole lot without a lot of backstory that wouldn't serve a lot of purpose. Lets just use one example, and move on. One of the higher ups (one I don't report directly to) had a screaming fit in another manager's office in front of 2 direct reports, which included the phrase (screamed) "You'll do what I tell you to do, because I'm a director, and you do what I say!" Yes. I work for five year olds.

4. Netflix- I cannot say enough good things about Netflix. They rock my socks. I've watch all of the first season of House, the second of Six Feet Under (with more on the way), The Office, and that's just the TV stuff I've picked out... turnaround's fast, and there's a Mailbox on my way to work, so I can just drop off the viewed discs every morning. It kicks ass.

5. The Cats. I miss them. They'd make the apartment a lot nicer, if I could have one. Having Fat Elvis sprawled on my couch, or Silent Bob on my bed would be nice. But I get my fix when I do laundry (or do one of the 183901 birthdays that take place this month...)

And really, that's about it. I'm on the early shift, so I pretty much eat, sleep, and go to work. More to come...