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I found a wedding dress! Let me go ahead and shout that from the rooftops. I FOUND A WEDDING DRESS! Even better than that, I went out and tried it on and looked fabulous in it and BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS! And headpiece and veil and all the crap that I swore I'd just make myself, but looked so adorable with the dress that I could NOT SAY NO.

It has gold accents. Gold! I never thought I'd be wearing anything gold... but it's smashing. I hope that nobody notices the small row of pink beads in my wrap, because if they think I'm ripping those rows out to get back to them, they're effing insane. I will head over to AC Moore tomorrow and get some goldish beads instead, though. Heh.


Blogger Fiber said...

And might I say how stunning of a bride you will be in that hotness of a dress.

Can't wait to see it in person!

8:22 PM  

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