Special Sauce

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I found a wedding dress! Let me go ahead and shout that from the rooftops. I FOUND A WEDDING DRESS! Even better than that, I went out and tried it on and looked fabulous in it and BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS! And headpiece and veil and all the crap that I swore I'd just make myself, but looked so adorable with the dress that I could NOT SAY NO.

It has gold accents. Gold! I never thought I'd be wearing anything gold... but it's smashing. I hope that nobody notices the small row of pink beads in my wrap, because if they think I'm ripping those rows out to get back to them, they're effing insane. I will head over to AC Moore tomorrow and get some goldish beads instead, though. Heh.


Playing Tourist

My aunt and uncle are in town this week. I got to play tour guide with them on Monday and Tuesday, which was quite a bit of fun. I don't normally hit the outlets or do much on that end of town (mostly because it's so congested and touristy). We found some nice bargains at the outlets (I found the most fabulous pair of birkis at the QVC outlet that had to come home with me).

Most amusing part of Monday: The waitress at the Olive Garden walks up to the table "Oh, you two must be mother and daughter!" Heh. I do look a lot more like my aunt that my mom, and my cousin and I could pass as sisters. (Actually, on occasion, we've managed to pass as each other- Her neighbor thought I was her at a funeral, and her own daughter wanted to know "Mama, which one is you?" in a picture of the two of us.)
I didn't get any good pictures, but Odie should be sending me one of all of us, which will be nice.

We had our "Kool aid" session today for work, where we were told how to be nice to each other and our patients (which I still maintain, either you know how to be nice, or you don't). Parts of it were interesting, and it was nice to hear about some of the things my coworkers like to do outside of work (It's too busy to socialize AT work, and I would just as soon keep to myself). There was crying (not by me), and other typical crap, but it wasn't horrible. It was, however, a waste of a perfectly good day off.

Oh well, I could use the money for vacation. Less than 2 weeks till I go back to NC where we got engaged. Waterfalls, trees, knitting, and a ginormous stack of books await me and the hammock chair. I cannot wait. I can smell the pine needles and early morning dew already.