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Spring Break, Baby.

So this week has been our Spring Break. Hooray for Sanity! Of course, there was no sleeping in, because my stupid body clock is set for 0700 clinicals/0800 lectures... and I scheduled all my appointments this week. But I do have highlights in a nerdy way.

Knitting! I'm making the Reverie beret but it is driving me somewhat insane. The pattern's fabulous, but the yarn I'm using is maddening. (Nevermind that it swatched appropriately, the damn thing just doesn't look anywhere near the scale that hers does, even after monkeying with the number of stitches.)

Learning! I went to a spiffy conference on wounds and wound care, because I'm a total nerd. It was fun, I learned new stuff, and got to see great pics of "disgusting" wounds.

Ice! Rita's opened back up. Love me some Rita's.

That's pretty much it. The usual trips to the farmer's market, mom's, and that's about all. Quiet, stress free spring break. :)