Special Sauce

A mish-mash of twisted thoughts from a fevered ego. Updated when the spirit moves me, contents vary and may have settled during shipping. Do not open towards eyes. Caution: Ingestion of Special Sauce may cause hair loss, halitosis, and a burning sensation while urinating.


Rumor has it

That a certain anonymous someone has been slightly bummed that my updates have been rather sporadic (at best) lately. I swear, once I have internet access at home, this will change. Till then'... well. I'll be at the Junior Brown show on 7/10, and whenever Hank III shows his face again, I'll be at the Chameleon.

Till then, I'll be helpin' G. Monkey, trying to keep myself from killing her parents, and enjoying every spare moment with P. (yes, I'm still smitten, possibly even moreso 9 months in than I was before. Which is scary. Kind of dorky, and wonderful.)

I'll still show my face here, just not quite so often till that regular net access comes through.



Who rocks the party?

Well... when you find out, let me know. It's been a crazy sort of mixed up past few weeks in the saucehold.


EVIL. I continue to be dogged by the fact that my co-worker is an idiot. She means well, but it's just a colossal pain. My boss is still on vacation, massive nursing award nominations are due Monday, nobody knows what's going on with them, and oh, did I mention that this past week was Nursing Services Recognition week? Because yeah. And once again, the higher-ups (who don't ever want anything to do with the planning) are bitching, and catting, and flinging poo like deranged monkeys over how they would have done things differently, and generally pissing everyone off.


Rocks. Hugely. I lurve him to pieces, and when I finally get to see him on the weekends, it's like Christmas. I hope he never comes to his senses, and finds someone else.

Everything Else:

G. Monkey took a little trip, but will be coming home soon, and will hopefully be much better, or at least working on it, anyway. G. Monkey's Dad rocks the free world, and has the coolest dog ever (Sampson, a black lab & chow mix- smaller than a regular lab, with a big spotted tongue. He's a jumper. Heh.)

It's mother's day. Did you call, or at least say hi to your mom (or the mom-type-person in your life)? (And do you really need me, or some stupid holiday to remind you to do that?

More as I get out here to write it...