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Rumor has it

That a certain anonymous someone has been slightly bummed that my updates have been rather sporadic (at best) lately. I swear, once I have internet access at home, this will change. Till then'... well. I'll be at the Junior Brown show on 7/10, and whenever Hank III shows his face again, I'll be at the Chameleon.

Till then, I'll be helpin' G. Monkey, trying to keep myself from killing her parents, and enjoying every spare moment with P. (yes, I'm still smitten, possibly even moreso 9 months in than I was before. Which is scary. Kind of dorky, and wonderful.)

I'll still show my face here, just not quite so often till that regular net access comes through.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"slightly" is definitely the word.. we know that there are other things to do in life than blog... ;-) Like go have some beers, which I am going to do now...

9:12 PM  

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