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Well, that's pretty cool.

So, I signed the lease yesterday. Things are going much better than I had hoped.

We start with the fact that while I can't get a dish network hookup, I can just get netflix till I decide I feel like giving Comcast my hard earned money. And my first shipment of episodes of House? Ordered yesterday, will be there today. I like this. A lot. And I didn't have to give a deposit to get my power transferred over, and when I went to get the carpet cleaner, it was cheaper than I thought, and the carpets weren't as foul as I remembered them.

The apartment does get a stamp of approval from my parents (as far as I can tell) especially on a sunny afternoon. And as long as they fix the severely cracked safety window in my room, they'll remain pleased. Oh... and...

I got out of work early yesterday, my dad decided he COULD help after all last night, and managed to get every single box and tote I had packed and had in the house, over in one load. Now I Just have about 10 storage unit boxes and Bed/boxsprings*, hoosier cabinet, desk, TV stand, and Kitchen table/chairs to bring up, and we're good- for now.

The bookcases should make it, and if they do, it'll be nice. And once things are ready, I'll put up pictures. The bathroom's the only room that's totally unpacked, and I've decided it needs a shower curtain rod cover, a plastic curtain liner (my fault, I thought one was included in the design of the curtain I got.), and a picture for the big blank space behind the toilet.

And I had my first visitor- the Incomprable C (Queen of 28 Cooks) crossed the parking lot and said howdy. Yay! (A brief respite from practicing throwing rocks from her apartment at my parking space.)

*If we can get the bedsprings up, we can get the couch up- which will happen on Sunday. Dad's previous "I don't think you're gonna do it" has been replaced with "Well, it might work."


Blogger Steph said...

that's so fancy! congrats!!!!!
and remember, if boys stay over more than 3 nights a week, they pay rent!!


12:33 PM  
Blogger Fiber said...

Looks like P owes you a fistful of cash then. ;-)

8:46 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Auugh! Congrats!

New apartments are fun. I'll have to dig out your address and send you a housewarming present.

10:05 PM  

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