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Good News/Bad News

Well, the good news is that I've officially been accepted to one of our state's fine institutions of higher learning. I will indeed be a Land Pirate in the fall. However, I've only been accepted to be a part-time, adult continuing education (yet still a Psych major) Land Pirate, till I can prove that I'm not a complete and total jackass.

...I think I can do better than the kid in the Incomprable C's bio class who drank so much the night before class he still couldn't feel his face when he showed up that day.

If only my mother wouldn't have decided to crap all over my happy moment, by getting all "Yeah, but don't they accept everyone?" *sigh* No, Mom. It's not community college. Land Pirate U's degree actually is worth something when I graduate. Sure, it's not the Rich and Snooty Ivy League school down the road, but it'll do.

Anyway. So. Good news is that I'm in. Bad news is that I'm on double secret probation. But I think it'll work out, because I can still work my existing job for a semester, then see what I need to do to work around a fuller courseload, if I can handle that.

I think I've earned a beer for that.


Blogger Fiber said...

A beer?
Sounds like you've earned yourself a gin and tonic. x7.
Congrats on being accepted, fellow Land Pirate.

5:14 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

Thanks! I may have a little drink in celebration. I know there's citrus vodka lurking around here somewhere, and there may be some tonic too.

Do I learn the secret handshake now, or do I have to wait till I've earned my eyepatch?

5:41 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Huzzah! As a future Land Pirate, may I be the first to offer you the congratulations of the Terrestrial Fleet, Nashville Division! (Which is, of course, your ET's piratical affiliation.)

Hey! I went to community college. I even got on the roster of Outstanding Transfer Students from Community Colleges once I went on to big-girl school. (I liked my time at CC...if you're the kind of person who enjoys small classes and the ability to actually get outside help from your professors, it's the perfect place for you...so much apathy among the rest of the student body that you'll become universally beloved and essentially be able to pimp whatever you like. I had so much fun...)

Congrats. Now we just have to get me past the Board of Regents and on double secret probation, too, and it'll be all good.

7:40 PM  

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