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Or: What I'm Thinking About Instead Of Working On That Damnable FBS.

This is P. This is his bike. It's a shiny bike. I like it. I kinda like him too. I'd rather be hanging out with him right now, instead of working on my FBS. Well, actually right now...

This is (artist's rendition) what the FBS looks like right about now. (Photo taken from elsewhere. Fear not, it is really not in a heap on the floor.) Well, what it would look like if I didn't carefully seal it back in its little ziplock baggie, and carefully put it back in my yarn chest, before I shoved the little denise needles in my tender little eyeballs. Thus rendering it impossible to read the pattern (and continue to fuck it up) and gaze upon the aforementioned bike and guy.

So in a fit of sheer stupidity, I decided to try casting on for this: (Again, not my picture, but close to the color I'm using.)

This? Is Kiri. And I managed to get to row 3, before becoming so thorougly befuddled by the stupid pattern (and the fact that it is physically impossible to achieve the number of stitches asked for in row 3) that I ripped it all out, set it aside, and decided to come down here and kvetch, before looking for corrections, or at least clarification.

Then I got the brilliant idea to check on my taxes. And the return was accepted by the IRS. Which is great. But I can't get my forms to come up on the turbotax website so I can print them, sign them, and send the page in, that needs to be sent in.

So now, I think I will just have 7 or 8 of these, and go to bed already.



Blogger Steph said...

capital H.
capital O.
capital T.

but why is it that i have this overwhelming urge to belt out
"i need a C-O-O-L......R-I-D-E-R" circa Grease 2.

8:32 PM  

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