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Just do it.

Go to 28 Cooks. Do it now.

And make something. Sure, she doesn't have a lot of recipes up. YET. But the two that I have made, the Lentils and Rice, and the Roasted Cauliflower, are enough to make me want to marry the Incomprable C.

And yes, this is how rumors get started, and I don't even care. She? Can cook. Tonight, I made her lentils and rice, (with 3 minor tweaks- I used chicken broth and water, added some red pepper flakes, and toasted the rice- pilaf style- before pouring the lentils & broth over them and letting the whole shebang simmer) And if she gets around to it after class tonight, she's going to post a recipe for tofu-stuffed shells, that she loved, and she finds tofu as appealing as the stuff you scrape off your shoe after a jog through the dog park.

And if you dislike vegetarian fare, I'll dig up the recipe I've got for some wicked good French Dip sandwiches.

In other news:

I've started working on the Flower Basket Shawl, and really like the ease of the pattern (I'm even working from the chart- a minor miracle, as I loathe charts), and the yarn is really growing on me. Progress photos to come, when it looks less like a pile of yarn, and more like a little wrap-y thing.

I got my 90 day review at work today, and I believe it actually did contain the phrase "walks on water" or darn near to it. It was overwhelmingly positive, and it was really great to get some feedback from my direct supervisor. For all my bitching, it really is a decent place to work. (and for all my screwing around, they seem to not care, so long as I get shit done)

So I'm not getting fired anytime soon. :)


Blogger GoddessAradia said...

Dude...when you said "The yarn is growing on me", I had this crazy imaginary moment where I saw you knitting and the yarn was coming out from your hand as if you were a spider...

I'm stil gafawing...though I suppose having insta yarn could be quite convenient...

9:53 AM  

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