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In case I'm not around tomorrow

Happy New Year, everyone.

This holiday is for the amateur drinkers, which is why I'm hoping that whatever I do end up doing, it doesn't involve tiptoeing around frozen puddles of puke, or watching for nitwits on the road. I'd honestly like to spend a quiet night in, maybe make something fabulous, and do a few things for luck at midnight. Maybe a nice little breakfast tomorrow, and indulge in a day of doing nothing but read, canoodle, and be content.

I am still a firm believer in "whatever you do on New Year's Day is what you'll do the rest of the year". And the past 2 New Years have been awful, so lets hope this one is peachy.

I'm ending this year a lot happier than it started, in fact, a lot happier than a good portion of the year was, what with a psychotic, heat-phobic boss, unemployment, and thinking that I'd never make it out in one piece, turning into sort of stabilizing, finding a good job with decent co-workers and steady paychecks (and heat! Glorious heat!), a tremendously nice fellow, and some new friends that I hope to know better in the coming year. I'm not sad to see 2005 go, and this year, I truly am looking forward to the new year- there's a lot of hope and optimism this time around.

I hope the same holds true for you.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Other than your concern for the Monkey, hope yours was happy...mine was mostly auspicious, but for some drama early, early New Years Morning, which was dealt with as adult-ly as possible. And, although I was drunk as anything, no one, including me, puked to start off the new Gregorian Year. Which was good.

I tried to call you, but you were in bed. I think I talked to Pa Sauce, who was super nice on the phone despite the fact that I destroyed my voice NYE and am almost incomprehensible on the phone. Give me a holla.

1:27 AM  

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