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Spoiled Rotten.

Egads, I certainly didn't deserve the Christmas I got, but believe me- I'm appreciating it. (Even if we didn't do stockings, damnit.)

I knew Odie was getting my mom a digital camera... I didn't know I got one too. :) So expect photos of the current projects (animal, vegetable, and knittable) in the near future. I have plenty of new reading material, a portable boom box (my CD player in my stereo hasn't worked since I got back from FL), sweaters, a Denise needle set (which I've contemplated getting for a few years now.),and some body goos (body butter and a bath gel) that smell good enough to eat (Creme Brulee, buttercream icing, peach parfait, and chocolate marshmallow).

And P was quite surprising. He noticed that I lusted after his microplane grater. Ok, Lusted isn't quite strong enough. I damn well adore this thing- have wanted one for eons. And now, thanks to him, I have one. Actually, technically, I have 3- as he got me one with interchangable blades. And yes, I have grated everything in my house. And it is awesome. I also got a copy of House of Leaves. I'll leave my opinion on that till I actually finish it. I'm hovering between "This is going to be really interesting" and "I am going to hurl this at the wall".

I'll let you know what I decide. As for the rest of today, I plan on enjoying some QT with Fat Elvis (who has been glued to me for the majority of our waking hours) and an assortment of dips (The kind you eat, not the ones you're related to...) as I flag recipes in the new Cooks Illustrated cookbook. My Pa and Odie will debate football, the merits of snow tires vs. all wheel drive, and toolboxes, and we'll probably catch a bit of the Claymation Christmas. Sounds pret' near perfect to me.

I hope each of you had a happy, merry day as well.


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