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Now with pictures!

Caution, knitting geekery ahead.

Also? I've discovered that this camera... how do I say it... sucks it when it comes to close ups, so you really can't see the bangin' cable that is at the bottom of this sweater fetus (in nine months, it might actually be a full-fledged sweater). But this? Is Samus.

The color in the photo doesn't do it justice, unfortunately.

It's a really pretty reddish-orangey yarn with slight variegations, and I really like it. The second skein had a lot of darkish bits, which I think will help lend a bit of an illusion of shaping to it.

And because it is literally impossible to swing a skein of yarn in my house without hitting a cat... the nanosecond I put this on the table, Silent Bob had to have a look-see. (Fear not, I will not get schmoopy about the cats. Much.)

(again with the close-up issues)

I'm thinking the camera will do better with pictures of people. I'll test this theory tomorrow, when I get to hang out with P and G. Monkey, quite possibly both at the same time. (Will wonders never cease?)


Blogger Fiber said...

I definitely think pictures of the man-child are in order.
And quite possibly G. Monkey too.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Special Sauce said...

That's right, Fiber, you've only seen him... once? At work? Heh.

Who knows. I may consent to a snapshot (NON-Professional) to be taken next weekend, when we both look swell (to avoid the curse, and to have something schmaltzy around).

8:43 PM  
Blogger parcequilfaut said...

Considering that my icon is my fave pic of my fave cat (sssh, don't tell the other 2), I would say I'm the schmoopy digicam twin, ET.

Real pics of me poss. coming soon as Ron the Photo Guy gave me a CD of some he took in his studio that I am too scared to look at, in much the same way as I have not yet read the novel I wrote nearly 2 months ago.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Steph said...

i demand pictures, dammit!

stuff i can't blog about happening here. more on that later.........

12:19 PM  

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