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Yarrr. I had a nice, semi-funny post ready to go yesterday, and Blogger ate it. So now you get this instead.

1. Monkey Love Day... I have officially stopped being freaked out, as the monkey love I gave (or spilled forth in P's MLD card) was indeed reciprocated, albeit in a delayed fashion. So all is well, and he didn't throw up at all when he read it. Not even a little.

2. Cooking. See also: zero. I haven't had time to make anything fun, but ET Chicken IS on the agenda. I may try my had at Fat Elvis soup, if he doesn't stop getting into fights with the other cats at 2:00 in the morning, though. (It's a damn good thing he's so damned cute and affectionate.)

3. Cukoo Camp (Or, as everyone else calls it, Support Group) was fun last night. Well, not "I'm going to the circus to get some salted peanuts and watch the monkeys" fun, but it was informative, not at all Kumbaya (lets all hug one another!), and not a lot of whining about the situation. G. Monkey wants to go back, so do I.
(And we went out for food afterwards! Real! Food!)

4. Well, really, there isn't any number 4.

5. There's not really a number 5 either, I'm just trying to pad the list.

That's pretty much it- it's been busy and quiet, if that makes sense at all. So I'm hoping tonight I can work on my Land Pirate essay, and my wrap. We'll see.


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