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Ehm, yeah.

Happy Monkey Love Day, everyone.

My official day of reciprocated monkey love will be Saturday, as it is the day after which the loot is replenished. Anxiety levels will remain high until that date, as I was officially possibly excessively smushy in the card P got. Anyway.

My dad (!) came through in typical unexpected fashion, and bought me (me!) a dozen of my favorite roses (Sort of a fire and ice style, but lighter- like so)

Probably, he heard I was being a bit whiny today. I'm going to take them to work, so I can enjoy them a bit longer- at home they'll just get eaten by the cats.

So yes. I will be that girl. Bite me.

In other news, I highly recommend making the Cilantro & Jalapeno hummus from 28 cooks (follow the handy link over there) and prepare to slap your mom. It's that good. I took some to work, thinking "Oh, I'll give some to P tonight." Ohhhh no. I took some out just to have a taste, and it was like gull-feeding time at the beach. Everybody wanted some, and within nanoseconds, there was none left. It is that good. Seriously.

I just made a double batch. One to share at work, and one to put on my morning toast, slip into a pita with some tomato and salad greens, and some to just eat by the spoonful. Seriously. That good. Awesome, even.

Otherwise, no time to cook "real" food. Maybe tomorrow, maybe this weekend. Soon! Soon! Tonight, though, I will knit. Because I finally stopped effing up the pattern I was working on. Yay.

Hope your monkey love day was equally thrilling.


Blogger parcequilfaut said...

I keep wondering whether the honey chicken turned out nasty, or you just haven't had time.

Happy Monkey Love Day, belatedly. I celebrated by missing the Vagina Monologues for the third year running, and going to see the lovely folks at Cafe 02, some of whom I hadn't seen since before Chrimmus.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

*swooooooooooooooooooooon and twirl*

12:50 PM  

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