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And we're back!

Well, temporarily, anyway.

I've got about 60% of my packing done (30% of the remaining 40% is books, though). Now my father expresses concerns that the couch, box springs, and hoosier cabinet will not get up the stairs. I never bothered to pay attention to the stairway layout- and he's pop quizzing me this afternoon- leading to frustration on all ends. So my living room may have my mom's amish rocker, and that's about it. Yeehah. He also informed me that he's not going to be around at all during the weekend, and will only be able to help with the other stuff on Thursday night. Luckily, Mr. And G. Monkey will help, and they have a jeep, and P said he could help during the day before work if needed too. I think I may have my mom convinced that she could help steam clean the carpet during the day Wednesday. Everything's coming to a head...

But I'm trying not to stress. I need some smaller boxes from work, and I'm not packing the books till I know if I have somewhere to put them or not. P was exceptionally sweet on Friday (he knew it was a bit of a stupid week) and un-knotted my shoulders, calmed me down, and took me out to our favorite Asian restaurant. (Crispy beef and coconut shrimp this time- neither are items I'd have chosen if the owner hadn't recommended them, and they were fabulous.) He came over today, ostensibly to help me pack, but we didn't really get any packing done (just as well, because I have one box left.) Gave me a mantra for the next two weeks "All this will be done with soon enough." :) I will be ready, come Wednesday night.

I should fill the last box and tote I've got, then I can knit a bit without feeling guilty. Packing sucks. Unpacking is actually a lot of fun.


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