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Yarrrr!nk I

So. I've tried being nice to "Perimenopausal Woman", the new secretary in our office, but y'know? I think I'm done. Ok, I'll still probably be nice to her, but I'm done fixing/covering up/explaining everything like she's a four year old. Why?

Because the biznatch makes WAY more money than me.

Sure. She said she has nearly 30 years of experience. But she's a mo. Ron. She's been there six weeks, and the concept of paging someone eludes her on some days. The concept of checking the list of managers to send something to, instead of just randomly selecting a bunch of people, is beyond her. Some things she's really good at. Like troubleshooting for her old job, notarizing stuff that's not work related on company time, and small tasks that are spelled out completely for her. That stuff? She gets. But "complex" stuff like not jacking up an outlook meeting planner? Not so much.

And because she's perimenopausal, and I'm in the prime of my fertility, I knew she'd be making more money than I am. No matter that I can work circles around her, even on my worst day, or that I've taken on additional responsibility, and get more done in the hour and a half before she gets into the office than she gets done all day (unless you include the jacking up she accomplishes).... she's making way, way more than me.

So I'm done with that shit.

I can't sit down and write a list of stuff to take to the directors because "they love her", and it'll make me look like a paranoid obsessive idiot, but every single person from outside our department that has to deal with her has the same impression- "She's a god damned moron". *sigh* So I'm stuck. But I'd damn well better get a good raise come annual review time, or mama is going to bust it, and I'll be looking for a transfer...

So. Um. yeah. That's my world right now.
P's fine. The cats are fine. My laundry's nearly done. So... later.


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